Guillem Jover's Home Page

Here you will find information regarding some projects I am involved in, and talks I have given. Also available are patches, software and documents I have published.

From time to time I write down things that cross my mind, mostly about technical matters.

Some people seem to find my name difficult to pronounce.

If you want to contact me for Debian related topics use my address, otherwise use my personal address. Encrypted mail is welcome, you can download my new OpenPGP public key (keyid 4F3E74F436050C10F5696574B972BF3EA4AE57A3), my old OpenPGP public key (keyid 6AAA6732BBA3157CB1522E71B96F5C899D928C9B), get them from WKD, or from any public keyserver, such as If you have signed my old key you might want to check my key transition statement.